Velcroar #3

99 €
Crush1-043 thumb

Categories : Fuzz, Pitch/Octave

Brand : Fuzzhugger

Super unique mega-textured boxy fuzz that sticks to your notes, with a slight hint of octave that add to an occasional layered/chorused fuzz effect! From sticky single notes to a more classic and open roar! Unique but usable fuzz, for guitar or bass! Not extreme or gated. It can be set for boxy and chord-friendly or for more single-note use, with those sort of bit-crushed and slightly lagged tones. Controls: • Roar: As you turn left, intensity of effect, gain, and focus increase. Turn right for more open tones and for a more chord friendly voicing! • Output: Controls the output level of the Velcroar!

Out of stock. Please check "Coming Soon" or send us an email.

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